SU Sports

Every Kid Can Play

SU Sports strive to be inclusive

Different levels of support may be available

If your child has additional mental, intellectual, physical or behavioural needs, we would love to be able to discuss these needs with you prior to the start of your camp or club. This will help us understand how you would like us to best support your child, and make a plan for how this will happen.

Trained Coaches

All SU Sports staff go through general inclusion and disability awareness training prepared by an occupational therapist who designed Every Kid Can Play. 

Volunteers and inclusion coordinators receive additional training and support to best meet the needs of every child.

Parent Support

You know your child best. Our inclusion coordinator works directly with you in an effort to provide your child with the right accommodations and support.


Every Kid Can Play does not have any additional cost to parents. This is made available thanks to the generosity of donors. 

If your child requires a support worker, SU Sports is unable to cover that cost and the support worker is required to go through the same screening process as all our volunteers (for safety purposes).

It depends on the location and availability of volunteers or staff. We aim to provide 1:1 volunteers when possible.

After submitting your request, you will receive a phone call from our Inclusion Coordinator who will discuss your child’s needs with you so that we can plan camp accordingly.  At this time, we will discuss the physical environment of the camp, as well as the individual needs of your child to ensure that we can meet these needs at our camp. Depending on your child’s needs, different levels of support may be available, including having an Inclusion Coach provided by Scripture Union Canada attend camp with your child.

It would be helpful for your child and our coaches to be aware of possible challenges or concerns. Your child likely will not require a 1:1 support, but having a conversation with our team ahead of time will help ensure a better experience for your child. 

Due to policies to protect children and our leaders we are unable to provide this level of support. We will require you send a support worker familiar with your child’s needs to camp or sports club. Please note all adults who are a part of SU Sports programs must go through our screening process.

Most are, but not all are. When you submit an application our Inclusion Coordinator will do an audit of the facilities and you can determine together if it is going to be feasible. 

This is a possibility. Please know that any adult who is a part of SU Sports events must complete our screening process. 

At camps children learn some basic information about Jesus – based on the Bible. Children will be reading the Bible (with lots of help from coaches) and hearing about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. Children will be invited to “Join Jesus’ Team” which means making a faith decision to follow Jesus – there is no pressure or expectation involved. If you have any concerns please speak with the camp coordinator.

At clubs they will learn SYDNEY OR JONNY HELP!

Get Started

Our goal is to make sure your child has a safe and fun experience. Submitting an application is very helpful in starting contact between you and the SU Sports team. 

Still have questions?